Deadline for application was 27th of October

Are you someone who cares deeply about gender equality? Who values music and cultural heritage? Someone whose management skills would be stimulated by coordinating a team of experienced, passionate co-workers in an international collaboration? If so, we would like you to apply for a position as project manager for our Nordic music database!

The aim of the project is to design, establish and publish a database for music by gender minoritized (women and non-binary) composers from the Nordic countries. The project is run by KVAST – the Swedish Association of Women Composers – and partners in the Nordic countries. We have a steering group comprised of members from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, which has been working on the preliminary stages of the project since 2022.

As project manager, your tasks will include:

  • Coordinating the project steering group’s meetings
  • Coordinating working groups in the Nordic countries
  • Overseeing the project’s economy and budgeting
  • Planning goals and results
  • Making joint applications on a Nordic/European level
  • Networking and arousing interest in the project among potential collaborators and financiers

You have proven experience in some of those areas:

  • You have many contacts in the Nordic cultural scene
  • Managing projects with members in different countries
  • Making large-scale project applications, including on an EU level
  • Engaging with issues of gender inequality
  • You have many contacts in the Nordic cultural scene
  • Managing projects with members in different countries
  • Artistic work experience is valued but not strictly necessary

You have the following skills and abilities:

  • Working and writing fluently in English
  • A deep knowledge of art music
  • Using computers and digital tools; for project management and leadership but also an understanding of how the database itself will be structured
  • Ability to chair meetings, making sure time is spent efficiently while also promoting workplace well-being
  • Ability to handle the responsibility of representing the project to our financiers and other public institutions

Read more about our project here.

The position will be for a minimum of 40% of full time (16 hours per week); this can be increased up to 100% depending on project financing – the exact details of this will be in place at the latest in the beginning of November.
We hope the assignment can start somewhere between November 1 – December 1, 2023 and it lasts until June 30, 2024. We are working on establishing a physical office in Stockholm or Göteborg, but initially you will be working remotely, as are all the members of the steering group. We wish that your place of residence is in one of the Nordic countries.
We believe in equality, hence the salary (paid by KVAST in Sweden) will be the same as for KVAST’s other employees: based on a full-time salary of 34 000 SEK per month.

Submit your application (cover letter and CV) as a single PDF to; with ”Project manager” in the subject line.

Application: We will use a continuous selection process. The job post will be open for applications no longer than 27th of October.

If you want to help us find the right person, please share the information. Here as pdf!

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